The Run
 UK Homes 4 Heroes

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This annual event takes place in the early part of the year and is run to raise funds for the charity UK Homes 4 Heroes. Since it started, the event has raised the outstanding amount of over 43,500 for this truly worthy cause.

What is the event all about?

We try to gather the largest amount of soft-top cars and drive the full circumference of the M25 in the middle of the night... with the important criteria that all the roofs are down! The reason for this is to recognise the fact that there are many veterans living on the streets and having to survive whatever the weather or temperature. For just a couple of hours, the drivers of these cars experience the elements for themselves.

So how did we do last time?

Please note:
The figures for the 2020 event are not yet finalised.
This page will be updated when they are.

The lfigures below represent the amount raised after the February 2019 event...


This total is made up from the 'Little Red' MGF  raffle, participant sponsorship, donations, merchandise sales and the auctions and will make a huge difference to many lives. Read how on the UK Homes 4 Heroes page.

And that's only half the story. Since the Friends Round London run started, it has raised a whopping...


Once again, thank you so much for your ongoing support..
Lee Pudney
and the
FRL Admin Team
Jimmy Jukes
and the
UK Homes 4 Heroes Team

* Amounts shown updated 7th March 2018


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